Self-Care Seminar

“just in time for the holidays”
November 2, 2016
6:00 pm – 7:15pm
Free admission

“I absolutely love your book! It’s like sitting at the feet of the wise’ol spirit and learning rich life lessons.”   Vanessa W.

“The Little Book of Self Care” is always on my bedside table. When I need a reality check, Della is there for me. Her words of truth and wisdom inspire me. When self doubt encroaches, Della’s words help to center me once again. “   Sarah R.

“Della, your book is unadulterated…just plain raw, just the way I like it. Thanks for keepin’ it REAL!”           Patricia J.

“Della inspires me to be true to myself…how I want to present myself to the world, but most importantly how I want to be me.”   Tammy S.

“Listening to Della is like sitting at the kitchen table with a trusted friend or sister and discussing the struggles we women tend to have with turning our nurture beacon on ourselves. Della’s style is positive and upbeat without being “preachy” in the least.”   Eliane S.

“…All of the people you have helped start thinking differently about themselves! Thank you for being you and doing what you do. I am so grateful.”   Emily G.

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