Energy & Passion

Lately, I’m noticing specific “something” from people that range from news announcers,  comedians, authors and activists. What keeps striking me over and over, is skill of topic brought to life by energy and passion.

One of my favorite examples is talk show host of the Late, Late show, James Corden.  His opening monologue is doused in energy pouring out for all to partake of.  If I had to choose one word to describe his energy, it is “expansive”.

The Rachel Maddow Show is another example of content being delivered with authenticity and energy.  Yes, she delivers news, but that’s not what strikes me.  Its how she delivers the words, and how she captures audience with inflection.

Listening to civil rights activist Shaun King on radio,  watching video and reading articles he’s written gives audience a pure a sense of his absolute comfort with his passion and comfort with himself.

It can be easily said that when people are paid for such work, they should be able to deliver the energy, but we know that is not necessarily true.

Until now, I’ve been playing it safe because of self-care being the topic of my passion.  A topic, that for whatever reason I felt was more deserving of a subdued delivery.

Move over mediocrity, here comes energy & passion.


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