I offer thought provoking self-care seminars, and workshops.

Self-Care Essentials

This is an all-purpose self-care seminar. Regardless of where you are in the journey, this course will invoke new thought, and provide tips and tools to practice what is right and true for you to flourish. We will cover:

Building self-relationship / self-talk
Pacing external relationships / other people
Letting go / the past
Simply living now / be okay with what is

Self-Care in the Office

This is seminar is designed to foster personal development from a professional lens to build more self-trust and confidence in the workplace. Regardless of your role or title, this seminar will offer you insight and tactics toward a more rewarding work experience. You will learn how to:

 Lead with your values / find your strengths
 Sharpen your listening skills / gain clarity
 Resolve conflict / ask for what you want
 Kudos / Tracking your success


My facilitation, course design and training experience ranges from nonprofits, women’s groups and associations to banks, law firms and large corporations.

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