The Bundle


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The bundle includes Little Book of Self-Care , Little Book about a Gift, Little Journal and a fleur de lis charm.

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In Della’s first book, Little Book of Self-Care, she shares simple, no-nonsense and straight forward approaches around the importance of self-care. A book known as “small but mighty.”

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Della opens up about an excruciating personal experience through a custody conflict where guilt, shame and fear swooped in, and the road she traveled to deeper self-awareness and resilience.

$10/$12 with shipping & handling


Della shares forty two of her favorite self-care reminders at the top of each page with space for your own thoughts and reflections. “12 ~ There is no question you can bring it. The real question is if you will or not.” “5 ~ Receiving well is living well.” “31 ~ Take yourself with you everywhere you go.”

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