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I present through the following perspectives:

Knowing who you are and what is important to you is a trust builder, time saver, and a communication amplifier.

Personal and professional outcomes as a result of self-study is grossly undervalued.

Measurable and sustained leadership skills are born at self-awareness.

The presentations I offer:

Self-Care Essentials
8 Components of Self-Care
Self-Care Questions
Self-Care Barriers
Personal Values
Time Management
Integrity, Intention & Impact
Self-Care Practices

Leadership Essentials
Components of Leadership
Examining Individual Values
Effective Listening
Time Management
Five Conflict Management Styles

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Quotes of Recommendation

“Thank you to Della Rae for hosting a Self-Care retreat for our staff today. We are feeling better already.”
Rose Haven Staff
Portland, OR

“Della Rae is gifted at inspired leadership. Meaning, when Della is working with a client to facilitate individualized professional development, she conjures a space where you are stirred into a realm of complete manifestation. I found myself manifesting beyond what I came to our meeting prepared to create. Every leader whether aspiring or veteran, needs a Della Rae.”
Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho, Ed.D. Assistant Professor | Urban Educational Leadership | Critical Community-engagement
Portland, OR

“I invited Della Rae speak at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit and the Fundraising Career Conference this year, and I am SO GLAD I did! She spoke on Resilient Leadership, and on Creating a Better Nonprofit Culture from Day One. I loved her speaking style, and the way that she paused to give space to attendees to feel truly engaged, instead of speaking "AT" people like so many presenters would do. She is just one of the best speakers I have ever had at this event.
Mazarine Treyz, Leadership + Career coach to nonprofit leaders + Government contracting equity advocate
Portland, OR