Bread & Roses feminist news and public affairs talk radio show since 1978 on KBOO 90.7FM – We are a collective and this space is OURS! Perhaps you have a women’s wellness show idea? Want to be a guest? Please let me know. I’m also calling out for local female musicians to showcase during interview breaks.

Next show December 8th! In the mean time, enjoy podcasts from previous shows that I hosted on KBOO 90.7 FM

Friday, February 21, 6-7 pm. Self-Care; Practical Application.  Marie Daniels is committed to social, economic and environmental justice.  She has worked as a trainer in corporate America as well as an instructor for college students, high risk youth and now, incarcerated women.  Marie will share her experience and thoughts around “common thinking errors”.  Music by local artist, Belinda Underwood.  Listen to the podcast HERE!
Friday, January 24, 6-7pm.Immunity to Change. What gets in your way of whatever it is you’d like to be or do differently? Consultant, JoAnn Siebe helps people expand their view of what is possible, develop greater self-awareness and improve their interactions with the world. Listen to the podcast HERE</>.
Friday, January 10, 6-7 pm.  Emotional eating.  Do you eat to live or are you living to eat? “Its not just what you eat, but why you eat.” Certified Health coach and personal trainer, Sherri Sacconaghi will join the discussion.  Listen to the podcast HERE!

Friday, December 13, 6-7 pm. Life Transitions. Guests: author, Shari Getz and long-time nonprofit professional, Sarah Reynolds.  Just in time for new years resolutions. Listen to the podcast click HERE!

Friday, November 15, 6-7pm.  Hiding.  Why do we do it?  Barbara Kite, Professional Acting coach, is someone who is passionate about, and totally committed to, coaching speakers and actors in mastering the art of communication through acting skills – someone who has created a safe and challenging environment where all can grow.  Listen to the podcast click HERE!

Friday, October 11, 6-7 Back by POPULAR demand: Author Polly Campbell of “Imperfect Spirituality extraordinary enlightenment for ordinary people” will return to share more ways we can consider moving through life. Listen to the podcast HERE!

Friday, September 27, 6-7Men, dating & divorce.  Two regular guys; Art Poole and Chris Brox will share their experiences post divorce and dating. Listen to the podcast HERE!

Friday, August 30, 6-7 Wellness in the work place. Serilda Summers-Mckee, Diverse Talent Manager will discuss different view points around how healthy work environments directly influence who we are today.  Listen to the podcast HERE!

Friday August 23, 6-7pm Stress. Guest Polly Campbell is the author of “Imperfect Spirituality”, a book that encourages us to show up with whatever is.  She will discuss our favorite antagonist, stress. Listen to the podcast HERE!

Friday August 9, 6-7pm Wisdom Holder.  Guest Martha McCormack is a 60 year old doctoral student and proud of it! Her formal background includes a 25 year career in children’s publicly funded mental health services and educator within three major agencies across Oregon and Washington. Sure to rock the studio! Listen to the podcast HERE!

Friday July 26,  6-7 pm Men and Self-Care.  What does self-care look like for men? How do men relate to this vital practice in their lives?  Dino Paris – LMFT, Dwight Sangrey – CEO of Montag and Tayo Adesida – a university student, will be in the studio. Listen to the podcast HERE.
Friday July 12, 6-7 pm   Children’s health and well-being.  In 2011 the Children’s Community Clinic provided over 3,300 healthcare visits for children. Of this number 13.6% of them were uninsured; 85.7% were on the Oregon Health Plan, and less than 1% had private insurance. Guest: Mardica Hicks, CEO of CCC Listen to the podcast HERE!

Friday, June 28 6-7 pm   Word Gravity.  Words and expressions that we use may mean one thing to us, but also may mean something totally different to others.  Join narrator/operator Laura Wieking of Word Bridge to discuss the impact of the words we use Listen to the podcast HERE!

Friday, May 31  6-7 pm      There were over 190,000 people aged 65 and older living in the PDX metro area as of the 2010 census according to the Greater Portland Pulse. By 2030 that number is expected to grow to almost 395,000.  Villages NW is a new nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon whose mission it is to embrace the strategy of bringing services to people rather than moving people to services .  Chana Andler, founder of Villages NW will guest in Listen to the podcast HERE!
Friday April 26  6-7 pm        DEBUT SHOW Wendy Sample, a 10 year plus advocate of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) shared her journey through 50 years with a family member living with mental illness http://nami.orgListen to the  podcast HERE!

“I listened to your fabulous segment on NAMI and I am just so proud of my friend. You are a natural and so incredible in getting to the heart of the matter, asking great questions and not afraid to touch on the delicate areas.”   Siousxie Jennett, President Mambo Media

“What a great job you do! I didn’t know it was your first night hosting. I will be sure to tune in again! Thanks so much for having us.”  Michelle Madison, Outreach Coordinator NAMI Oregon