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  1. This little book is packed with much food for thought, inspiration, and comfort…all delivered in Della’s signature style. She’s someone who walks her talk and makes a difference in the world. This made me especially interested in the wisdom she shares with us through her writing. I now think about self-care in a deeper way than ever before.

  2. Della’s words of wisdom have challenged me to understand more fully the concept of self-care as an essential ingredient to self-preservation, and to insightfully connect my ability to be present for others with first being present for myself. Illustrated with many personal stories, the “Little Book of Self Care” is a treasure trove of wisdom that has become quiet evening reading anytime I need a bit of uplift. Thank you, Della Rae, for writing a compassionate, thoughtful treatise that is helping me to become ever more my most authentic, truest self, for myself and those I love! So grateful!

  3. Della is a fierce and relentless advocate for self care. She writes with a lovely humor and self-awareness that only comes from weathering life’s many challenges with grace. Her warmth and openness come through in everything she does, from writing to advocating to creating welcoming spaces and events.

  4. Wonderful Della! Your wisdom is the sweetest nourishment, and the desire you have to share your own experiences and perspective is both inspiring and educational. There is freedom in honesty and authenticity, and this book took me journeying toward that freedom at top speed! Your words are so refreshing and deserve their own ‘mic drop’ with so many key points and mantras that continue to resound for me daily. Please keep telling us your secrets, and teaching us your ways Della!
    Much love and gratitude. ~Emily

  5. Thank you Della for “Little Book about a Gift”. The gift of discomfort and honesty about a personal process many choose not to share. Every word had so much heart and authenticity. I’m also grateful for how you have redefined self-care in a way that is accessible for me when I need it most.

  6. I am really moved by your faithfulness and your desire to touch others. It is a long lost art to love and take care of ourselves. I feel like sometimes people need permission or at the least a reminder how very important THEY are!

  7. Thank you, Della, my cousin, for your books. My first thought was self care and self knowledge are companions or maybe soul mates as one is not compete without the other. I am on the journey of self-knowledge and the more I learn of self, the better care I take of me. Your book helped me to join the two consciously. I’ve found out that I have been doing things subconsciously…some beneficial, but a lot negative and self-sabotaging. So the question is not why me? but what is the lesson I refuse to acknowledge and to learn. Your book helped me connect some strands that were there, but too ephemeral for me to grasp. I will be re-reading for further insight.

  8. Self-care is too often ignored. In this Little (actually BIG) Book of Self-Care, Della reminds us, in a poignant way, that self-care is ‘soul-care’. Self-care is ‘health-care.’ Her approachable, applicable exploration to this desperately needed reality is compelling and renewing. Living into these realities of self-care, as described in this “letter from a good friend,” will help you and me respond by intentionally living our own paths.

  9. Della,
    Your book has inspired me in a way that is both challenging and freeing. I started journaling my thoughts and notes from your book. I am looking forward to reflecting back on my notes and reliving the experience all over again.
    This book is truly a tool for setting those free who are in bondage and battle with understanding their self-worth. I would recommend this book for youth/girls groups, womens groups and self enhancement groups………if only I had been given this book as a teenager, my life would have taken a different turn.

  10. Della Rae tells things honestly and straight, with all the sweetness and love one needs. This little book is honest and simple; it provides helpful tips and tools to guide our daily thoughts, behavior, and thinking in ways that remain clear, grounded, and in our joy.

  11. What a lovely book in size, color, and content! And how well it has weathered the test of time: every bit as valid today as 5 years ago when you first published, and I first read it. Shortly after writing this you passed The Wild Women Society torch to me. I love the way the mission and core values of the Society are reflected in every page. We have had a relationship and journey that is both amazing and remarkable. I am grateful for your friendship…and my Little Book to remind me of it all!

    Anyone interested in participating in the social community that brings Della’s Little Book of Self-Care to life please check out http://www.thewildwomensociety.com, subscribe, then attend a party! They happen three times a year (January, May, and October).

  12. Della’s “Little Book of Self-Care” is full of powerful and thoughtful insights on being accountable to ourselves first and foremost. Any time I lose my way I pick up the “Little Book” and am gently nudged back onto my path of growth. Della’s no-nonsense words quickly help me refocus my intentions. There are gems throughout the book. They remind me of my value and to let go of the past. The “Little Book” illustrates how to live life with purpose and integrity. Knowing first hand that Della lives her life according to these precepts gives me inspiration to do the same. Thank you Della!

  13. Little Book of Self-Care is a rare triumph in providing wisdom that is equal parts friendly and empowering.

    At the outset, Della Rae states the intention to help readers focus on their happiness from the inside, and she very much delivers.

    The book’s warmth stems from a tone that negotiates gracefully between empathy and an experience-based resoluteness. Charming yet purposive personal anecdotes underscore the lessons to be learned in each section, and make it clear that there’s no sense of judgment in this discussion. You’re in the presence of a friend. (This makes the reader feel less guilty about dog-earring so many pages!)

    It’s additionally worth noting that the various voices sprinkling the pages alongside the author’s, all of which come from a multitude of faith traditions and schools of thought, enable a universal appeal. The logic within holds no matter your starting point.

    To get to the substantive stuff: the approachability of these lessons facilitates new ways of thinking about the power of personal choice.

    I personally found Della Rae’s exposition on controlling what’s within reach, accepting yourself even as you cultivate self-awareness, and thriving despite “distractions” and the moments of overstrain we all experience along the way, invaluable. Specifically, the way the author asks the pointed questions that hold readers to a (again nonjudgmental) point of accountability sets this book apart from the pack.

    In the process, we’re reminded of the agency we possess in the face of life’s ups and downs, and we’re equipped to use this insight in order to make healthy, loving, and productive choices. The result is an inspiring primer on a type of self-care that is, as the author proves, very much doable.

    Best of all? Della Rae succeeds in showing the reader it’s never too late to make positive moves.

    I recommend this to any loved ones looking to take stock and/or strengthen their foundation. I know it has already become a regular re-read for me.

  14. Della inspires me to be true to myself. I know I just know who I am. And how I want to present myself to the world, but most importantly how I want to be me. Nobody else. Oh life is a roller coaster! Della reminds us to take care of ourselves and THAT is essential to good healthy living as we navigate the roller coaster ride. We don’t need bubble baths and spa days ( thank goodness cause this country girl hates both 🙂 ) we need to just be. Be ourselves. No networking games. No competition.
    I am taking care of me and do not apologize for that. I am not my past , the busy busy business woman. I am not the present housewife. I am me, full of integrity, wit, faith, love, and promise. I serve others I also care for me.
    I am a human being not a human doing.

  15. Della is a wealth of wisdom and her insights are spot on. I love that her description of self care goes far deeper than the massage or pedicure. The Little Book of Self-Care contains very accessible reminders that can bring me back to center in a flash. There are lots of ways to spin off center, so this is important stuff!

    Thank you Della, I hope you keep writing, you have a lot to share.

  16. “The Little Book of Self Care” is always on my bedside table. When I need a reality check, Della is there for me. Her words of truth and wisdom inspire me. When self doubt encroaches, Della’s words help to center me once again. From a woman who practices what she “preaches” in every aspect of her life come words that resonate with the masses. I have given this book to countless friends. It is the compass which anyone can benefit from whether we know it or not.

  17. Della has written a simple, mind blowing book with the concept that we should be our favorite people. The book shows us the lesson : taking care of ourselves, is so much more than ourselves.
    These are life lessons – wrapped in a loving tone and presented perfectly without judgment and blame.
    Who doesn’t love that??

    J. Erin Tarver
    Portland, OR

  18. Little Book of Self-Care is a wake up call to me. The whole reading experience was like ‘how did I not realize that (those) earlier?’

    I am gonna share one particular experience of mine.

    I have been so busy doing ‘what I am supposed to do’ and ‘what I should take care of’ without paying enough attention to myself. Too little time to do it all? OK I’ll cut lunch; Too little rest? OK I’ll have one more coffee; Too much stress? Well I don’t have time to deal with it… That is just WRONG. At the beginning I thought ‘things will get better’. But the reality is, nothing will get better if YOU don’t do something. After a while unhappiness just follows you and I get cranky on people who are close to me – unfair
    to them I know. But the thing is, I am overloaded, tired, and unsatisfied.

    Luckily, I got this little self-care book from Della. “We live in a world where saying how busy you are and being everywhere all the time is considered sexy.” – So true. And it’s unfortunate that we think this way today. Every time people ask me: “How are you doing?” I say: “I am fine, just busy.” Just busy! Unconsciously I am ‘understating’ my ‘not so good’ situation and trying to skip it over. I want people to think me as a capable female professional who can do more. Well, the consequence is, without me even knowing it, I am exhausted, physically and mentally.

    I’ve decided not to pretend anymore. If I can do it, I will. If it’s making me uncomfortable, I’ll put a stop to it and say ‘Hey look, I am done. I am gonna stop right here. The limit has been reached.’

    I’ve decided to take care of myself better.

  19. Dear Della,
    As a physician, I was interested(obviously) in topic of self care. Seeing “self care” on your business card raised my curiosity and the book completely delivered the message.
    I think, that your book should be a part of curriculum in medical schools and be taught as a class. Majority of doctors chose the profession, because they genuinely care for people and their problem, ailments. Unfortunately many take that ultimate approach too far and then they “burn out”.
    Your book is such an easy read and with down to earth approach, that it would be a great educational /emotional tool for many young doctors, residents, etc.
    The simplicity is genuine and brilliant and it makes people stop and think about it.
    Love it and thank you again for sharing it with me.
    you definitely brought the meaning for me to the abbreviation, that I just learn “YOLO”.
    With warm regards and hugs (that is my therapy).Raisa

  20. Don’t be deceived by the size of this book. Great things come in small packages and this one is a jewel. With a refreshing, charismatic, no-nonsense delivery uniquely her own, Della Rae hands out tidbits of advice better well heeded on important topics for better living. If you’re uptight, frustrated, unhappy, irked, confused, grumpy or bothered, pick up this book and read for 3 minutes. I guarantee you’ll feel better!

  21. I met Della Rae in March 2014 and she shared her “Little Book of Self-Care” with me early on. I was blown away with the wisdom, the sincerity, and most of all the “care” that was taken in her writing. I immediately ordered 10 copies to send to my sisters, my nieces and several girlfriends for Mother’s Day. Her words are simple but sure, careful yet concise. I had to order more books so that I could have my own copy! I carry it in my purse so that I can pull it out whenever I need inspiration as I ponder and reflect on my own quest of “self-care”. Della is an amazing woman who truly embodies her mantra, “In order to do well, we must first be well”. She is the most authentic woman I know…and how happy I am to know her!

    Keep spreading the word, Della!

    Terry Mullins
    Encore Fellow/World Pulse
    Retired Project Manager – Intel Corp

  22. Tasty, Comforting, Soul Food, with a Side of Confidence and Empowerment.

    Little Book of Self-Care is a handy guidebook on how to live a purposeful life, reminding us to revel in our own unique gifts and embrace our deepest passions. With a humorous and loving approach, Della challenges us to refine and clarify how we define ourselves – our true selves. Through her personal anecdotes, she will help you to unveil the best possible, most honest and effective version of you. The results may surprise you and surely inspire you!

    Stacey McCormack
    Musimack Marketing LLC

  23. Della is an an extremely engaging writer. So much so, that in my first read-through, when I turned a page at the end of a section I was delighted that there was more to read on the next page. Oh, boy!

    Della shares enough about herself to show who she is, and leaves enough unsaid to permit the reader to reflect on who they are. Very artful and authentic at the same time.

    Carol Kelly Ph.D.

  24. I purchased the book AND the CD. I highly recommend this to any female considering the purchase. Listening to Della is like sitting at the kitchen table with a trusted friend or sister and discussing the struggles we women tend to have with turning our nurture beacon on ourselves. Della’s style is positive and upbeat without being “preachy” in the least.
    From page 1 I am challenged to delve into how I feel about myself, who I am and what is important to me. I agree with Della whole-heartedly that caring for me is what matters most. FemiKnowlogy is founded on this same principle; if we as women want to participate in creating a better world we must first care for ourselves through the creation of safe, nurturing environments.
    “Little Book of Self-Care” is a must have for any female seeking to to create an authentic lifestyle that allows her to live well and thrive.

    The Frontier FemiKnowlogist
    Fossil, Oregon

  25. Della! Wow! Upon reading your book I knew that I would be passing it on to my friends. For me I immediately felt your sincerity and that you yourself truly believe and embrace the words that you wrote on paper!
    I have already passed your book on to two of my friends and it is going to a third. The first made her own journal notes as she read and the second emailed me and stated that she really needed to read what you wrote. It has helped her during a hard time of unemployment and career search.
    So, this “Little Book of Self Care” is a big reminder that “we” need to start with ourselves and not feel guilty about that. In fact it is a wake-up call to us all that if we do not embrace who we are and care for ourselves then we will struggle in honoring all and everyone else that is around us and in our lives. Thank you Della and when is your next book coming out?

    Jody Pearson
    Oregon City, OR

  26. Hello Della,

    It’s a pleasure to hear from you. Yes, I did receive the book , etc. you sent. Thank you ever so kindly. It is now a part of my library. I have read and enjoyed it. Forgive me for not saying thank you, sooner. It is a wonderful book……..sounds like it was written to me. (smile)

    It is a pleasure to be on the receiving end of the giving and sharing you do to make a difference in the world.
    What you and your sister do is such a fine example of the great commandment…..”Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

    May god continue to bless you and yours.

    Maxine Session, Editor
    Texas Informer News
    Rusk, Texas

  27. Della’s Little Book of Self Care could be called “How to Live a More Meaningful Life”! With insight into the human soul Della gives us all permission to just be. I was so moved after reading Della’s little book that I asker her to share her thoughts with my staff and to provide each of them with their own copy of the book. The response was so positive, we asked her back for a second time. Thank you Della for opening our minds, introducing us to our power and giving us the encouragement to use it. The Little Book of Self Care is a must read and a must share with everyone you care about!

  28. Della Rae is my youngest daughter. When she told me that she had wrote a book on self-care I was excited and anxious to get my hands on a copy. Della Rae mailed me a copy of her book a few days later and I jumped right into reading it from cover to cover. It was heart warming to see how Della Rae coupled her life experiences and related quotes from others to deliver a clear dialogue on self-care.
    Her book made me realize that in order to be successful in life one must first be true to them self. Also, know who you are and what is really important and do not let stuff and things define who you are. Instead, Move forward with self-care and great compassion for others.
    My final thought from the book is; For someone to best help others they must first be at peace with themselves……
    Thanks Della Rae for sharing your wisdom!

    Proud Dad
    Hubert R Waggoner

  29. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Della Rae in person rest assured you will know her well after reading this book. Her authenticity and voice shine through page after page.

    I keep The Little Book of Self-Care in my purse for my own self-care moments as I sip a cup of coffee or wait for an appointment. I love the accessibility of her words and the brilliant yet simple advice.

    Love, Love, Love! This is a must read everyone and the perfect gift for any occasion!

  30. From first glance this book may seem like it is for women, but rest assured I can tell you it is not! This book contains principles that can be applied by anyone, and if practiced, I believe can help lead people (myself included) to living a more content and happier life. Not everything in it is for everyone, but like Della says, that’s part of the fun of going through it, picking out what works for you!

    I think the thing I enjoyed most about this book is being able to hear Della’s voice coming through the pages. Unlike other self-help and motivational books I have read, this one doesn’t sound like you’re being lectured!

    This book is a fun and easy read, and I’d recommend it to anyone!

  31. This book is not just for women! I have shared some of the insights with a few enlightened men and they “got it”. It was a pleasure to give a book to a friend that is starting on her journey to self care while in a life transition. As she was talking about her realization that to do well, she must be well, I had just the resource.

    On a personal note, the “aha” for me was section on Relationships. So concise and right on. I go back and re-think sections of the book often. It’s not a one-time read.

    I am proud to say that I know the author of this wonderful collection of wisdom and she truly walks the talk. All the best to you Della!

  32. Della–

    I received The Little Book…

    Thank you for sharing yourself with the world in words.
    It is an amazing gift that many people don’t have the confidence to pursue.

    I appreciate you.

  33. Loved it! The words and the vibe are SO YOU, but, at the same time, so different because of your newfound vulnerability and complete honesty (not that you were dishonest before)! The “closet case” is reaping the rewards of sharing and it feels good, huh? As said before, the part about the rubber bands is HILARIOUS! I can totally picture you in your kitchen with your arm extended as far as it can reach to cut that stupid thing off of the egg carton and shutting your eyes tightly! Too funny.

    The book really makes me think…….that’s a good thing. 🙂

  34. LOVED THE BOOK!! Thank you so much for sending me an advance copy. I just finished it last night and it is so great, so much wisdom and a useful, common sense approach to life. I just totally resonated with everything you said, but you already knew I would, didn’t you?

  35. Della’s book was a fresh breath of wind through my soul when it arrived in my mailbox. In this book that I will reference again and again, she ventures out of what she describes as a natural sense of privacy to reveal herself, to connect from her heart. She shares her own experiences of journeying into the uncomfortable and unknown to live on purpose and follow her passion to help other women connect and care for themselves. The book encourages self-care as part of knowing oneself in a deeper, soulful way that helps free one’s gifts and energy to live purposefully and make a difference. A valuable resource for anyone who desires to live with intention!

  36. Dear Della,

    Thanks so much for sending me your wonderful book of self care tips–I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I really admire all of the efforts and insights that went into bringing it into being! A sense of humor shines through, as well, and I think that is incredibly important. I have always loved that Nelson Mandela inaugural address, and I think it is so cool that you painted it onto a canvas–what a great idea! I hope that your summer is off to a great start, and I look forward to running into you again soon!


    Beth 🙂

  37. I have already read your book twice. It was just as good the second time around as the first. During the second reading I was able to spend more time reflecting on the topics that really hit home for me, specifically the chapters on personal integrity and intention. I realized that I am a person with great personal integrity which isn’t always appreciated by others. So much became clear to me when you wrote about why people question, discourage or criticize others. You wrote that they do this because “…they have no idea of who they are or where they belong and they allow others to make those decisions for them and they think I should too.” THANK YOU DELLA!!!! I also enjoyed your chapter on intention. What a simple concept, but one that I never really considered. I know that I am living with more intention now that I have made a connection with you and am working to bring DonorsResource.org to Kentucky. My life feels much more balanced now. I am already looking forward to your next book!!!

  38. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your honest insights about feelings and insecurities we all share are empowering and invigorating! This is a book to read, to give as a gift, to refer to again and again. Thank you Della for encapsulating your wisdom in this lovely read. It may be a ‘little book’ but it has HUGE impact.

  39. Thank you for sending us your book, what a great masterpiece!
    I spent the last 2 nights and one dinner prior to that, reading your “Little Book.” I love it. It is totally your voice, in the “not messin around,” “take no prisoners,” kind of way that I hear you in my mind. I loved being able to read your philosophy and perspective on life, to hear what guidelines set you up and prompt your responses to the world, as I’ve seen in our times together. I am sure that if people see the book, or hear about it, they will want to buy it. Super fun!

  40. What a sensation … what a comfort of peace, what dedication to you and who you are – GREAT JOB!


    1. Della Rae gets good things done. As a community leader, inspirational speaker and mentor or friend to individuals, Della is a person who brings about positive changes. I am fortunate to be her neighbor and to witness the pervasive positive impact of her actions, not only as she leads special projects in our community but also in her everyday interactions with people. When Della steps up with her vision, energy and commitment to an endeavor, success follows.

      “Little Book of Self Care” captures the essence of Della Rae in a form that everyone can access. Her wise, simple and common sense description of the importance of a healthy self describes a key element that we all need to address before venturing out to interact with others. Whatever an individual’s objective might be – success in relationships, success in life vocation, effectiveness in service to others – Della reminds us that we must be a whole and healthy individual, as well.

  41. Hey –

    What a great little book. It’s what I best like – reminders. I need them on a regular basis and I needed it yesterday when I was all tied up in knots over too many things happening in one day – really over a four hour period. It usually is spread over a month so thanks. And if you want any private speaking or how to be intereviewed on radio or TV coaching, I’m here. I’ve been working the OPB’s new hosts on Oregon Art Beat in the last year….

  42. I love your book! It is so inviting and easy to read, and I love how you openly you share yourself, your personal experiences and wisdom. It and you are precious.

  43. Dear Della,
    I received your little Book of Self-Care and read it from cover to cover. I loved all the stories and each thoughtful and soul-searching topic. I can see that you experienced gratitude and care in the writing of it. I read the personal comments and can hear that you made a difference in the lives of those you touched. I have fond memories of the times we were in the same company. Wishing you happiness, Much love, Ava

  44. Hey Sister, I just dont know what more to say about you and all of your accomplishments!! My favorite part/chapter of the book:” Other People,” it really spoke to me!! Della, you must keep writing. I can’t wait to read your next book!
    ROCK ON!!

  45. I love your book Della! To the point, authentic, vulnerable and inspiring. There are a number of great vignettes, but I love when you say, “At times I feel sadness and depression are a lifetime away, never to be felt again. While other times I feel those partners in crime breathing down my neck relentlessly.” Who can’t relate to that??? And to know that a powerful woman such as yourself has those same inconsistencies from time to time is such a gift. It takes away the power of illusion. You mentioned what a private person you are…thank you for the gift of sharing yourself.

  46. It arrived today! I love the way it feels in my hand. Thought-provoking and personal. Deep. You should be proud!

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