Meet our Facilitators!

Della Rae, Principal Facilitator
Entrepreneur, nonprofit founder and author, The Little Book of Self Care . In 2005, Della Rae co-founded Sisters of the Community (SOC), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit org that connected people who wanted to give household goods with those in need. For her efforts and more, she has received accolades that range from the Safeco Foundation National Hero Award and the Symetra Community Champion Award, to the AFP Outstanding Innovative Project Award and has been featured as a local hero the national publication Family Circle Magazine.

J. Erin Tarver, Registrar
Erin is a self-described wife, mama, sister, child, aunt, and citizen. She is proud of her beginnings, where she is headed and who she is shaping up to be. She believes that “action kills anxiety!” Erin lived in Botswana, Africa for a year, (b.c. – before children) where she realized, even when you are gazing at different stars, you are grounded in who you are . She also hopes that women of all ages see and realize their power. It can be as simple as what we feed the future generations, to as big as what we teach or do not teach the future generations – our power is limitless.

Javelin L Hardy CSWA, Facilitator
Javelin became a Clinical Social Worker to help people on their path to healing in order to live a healthier and happier life. She received an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree from Portland State. Javelin believes in holistic approach to health-in order to be whole one must work on their mental/physical and spiritual being. I am the mother of two adult sons and a grandmother. I’m from Louisiana and I love cooking Southern foods, traveling and writing poetry.

Kim Rosenberg, Facilitator
For over 10 years Kim has been committed to connecting client’s money to their lives by creating a framework that aligns their financial plan with their life goals. One thing that Kim’s clients appreciate in working with her that she brings a wide range of life experiences to her practice – the same ones that they face. From running a business and raising a family to caring for a sick family member, she understands challenges they face. Kim acts not only as an advisor, but also as a partner, guide and educator.

Barb Beck, Facilitator
Expert Relationship Coach and Author of Love, Sex & the Spiritual Path, Barb is an influential life-changing speaker who creates powerful “wake-up calls” for women ready to live life with true power and personal freedom. As a 20 expert in the field of love, she helps people create strong, healthy connections, starting first with themselves, she masterfully teaches the intimacy tools and life-skills we’re all missing so that individuals can get out of painful dynamics once and for all and begin to enjoy happy, successful relationships. Barb was trained by internationally-known metaphysical teacher Louise Hay and is a certified Spiritual Practitioner.

Sarah Reynolds MScN, Facilitator
Sarah believes that cooking for yourself is the highest form of self-care. Preparing and consuming whole foods can transform, restore and heal. A recent graduate of the National University of Natural Medicine, Sarah’s personal mission is to improve long-term health outcomes for Oregonians by leading community nutrition education, outreach, food security and food intervention efforts. When not in the kitchen playing with food, Sarah enjoys hiking, skiing, photography and gardening.

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