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Self Agency Academy 9/5-10/10

Della Rae, Self-Agency Advocate, Author and proprietor of Oregon Women’s Health Network (OWHN). Her accomplishments include certified in Human Resource Management | 2020 PDX Womxn’s March Organizer | Co-Founder, Sisters of the Community | Founder, DonorsResource | Founder, The Wild Woman Society | Founder, Youth Leadership Project at Riverdale High School | Recipient of numerous local, regional and national Leadership and Community Service Awards.

Hot Off the Press August 2020

“Della takes self-care beyond the manicure, pedicure, spa and vacation time away. She challenges us tothink about our purpose and how to accomplish it…”
Mardica Hicks, MBA CEO, Childrens Community Clinic

“Tasty, comforting, soul-food with a side of confidence and empowerment… with a humorous approach…Della challenges us to refine and clarify how we define ourselves- our true selves. Through her personal anecdotes she will help you to unveil, the best possible, the most honest and effective version of you. The results may surprise you and surely inspire you!”
Stacey McCormack, President Musicmack Marketing, LLC

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Della Rae has quickly become a highly trusted and valued part of our Leadership Academy community! She was introduced to our organization when she graciously agreed to mentor one of our academy participants. Della is dedicated to helping organizations prepare people to lead effectively and we are grateful for her helpful suggestions on how we can make our academy even better! Learning events with Della are engaging and inspire ACTION! She gave a dynamic keynote at our graduation ceremony and people lined up afterward to share how much her talk resonated with them! We then invited Della to facilitate a workshop on Leadership Essentials for our next cohort of emerging leaders. Months later, they continue to practice Della’s teachings and tell us about the positive impact on their well-being and relationships both at work and home! We are grateful Della has helped to instill in our academy participants that the investment of self-study and self-care as a leader results in greater personal and professional results…which means better outcomes for the Oregonians we serve!

Angie Albiar, Organization Development Advisor, Department of Human Services Leadership Academy

Della Rae was an amazing partner in creating and presenting an impactful training for the 2019 / 2020 Leadership Academy. She did an exceptional job of preparing a workshop that framed self-care as key leadership skill and tool for life overall! Della was warm, engaging and able to work within a group of emerging leaders who had recently experienced an uncomfortable experience and identify how to work from individual strengths based on self-reflection. Her ability to phrase key concepts to cement the learning is fantastic- “Don’t confuse who you are with what you do” and “What do you value”? Della is a wonderful partner who has truly helped make a difference in teaching leadership skills and traits to the Leadership Academy cohort while allowing for laughter and personal reflection throughout the event.

Carrie Murphy, Manager & Talent Development Specialist, Oregon Department of Human Services, Leadership Academy

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Through her trainings, panels, and leadership, Della Rae creates incredible and dynamic environments for cross-cultural, inclusive dialogue that create more meaningful and authentic relationships. The Oregon Women's Health Network, her organization, is becoming the place to have open and honest conversations in a safe container. If you are looking for a keynote, facilitator, or trainer for your government agency, hire Della Rae.

Mazarine Treyz, Leadership + Career coach to nonprofit leaders + Government contracting equity advocate Portland, OR

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“Della Rae is gifted at inspired leadership. Meaning, when Della is working with a client to facilitate individualized professional development, she conjures a space where you are stirred into a realm of complete manifestation. I found myself manifesting beyond what I came to our meeting prepared to create. Every leader, whether aspiring or veteran, needs a Della Rae.”

Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho, Ed.D. Assistant Professor | Urban Educational Leadership | Critical Community-engagement Portland, OR

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In "Leadership Essentials", Della Rae takes a clear, simple and practical approach to examining the interplay among the skills, values and self-care that combine to produce sustainable and effective individual leadership and leadership culture. Della's warm and elicitive presentation style creates that rare, intimate workshop environment closely tailored to the needs of everyone in the room.

Phil Barber, Community Engagement and Development Associate | YWCA of Greater Portland